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The farming, fishing and forestry industry is the second most hazardous in the United States. The North Carolina Agromedicine Institute was established in 1999 to address this critical health and safety issue. Agromedicine promotes the occupational and environmental health and safety of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries communities through research, education and outreach. Located in Greenville, North Carolina on the West Campus of East Carolina University, the Institute is a formal partnership of NC State University, East Carolina University, and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. North Carolina Cooperative Extension and the Eastern Area Health Education Center are outreach partners of the Institute. Through the Institute's Board of Collaborators and Board of Advisors, university faculty collaborate with communities and representatives of constituent organizations, including the NC Farm Bureau, NC Forestry Association and the NC Fisheries Association, and the NC Departments of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Environment and Natural Resources, Health and Human Services, and Labor.

In addition to serving North Carolina, the NC Agromedicine Institute hosts the Southern Coastal Agromedicine Center, one of ten regional Agricultural Centers for agricultural disease and injury research, education, and prevention sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Environmental and Molecular Toxicology faculty, Dr. Randy Rose and Ms. Julia Storm, are conducting projects through the Southern Coastal Agromedicine Center.

Leadership for Agromedicine on the NC State University campus resides in the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology. Dr. Greg Cope serves as the Campus Coordinator of agromedicine faculty at NC State University. Dr. Cope facilitates research, outreach, and Extension activities among NC State University's participating Colleges (Agriculture and Life Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, and Natural Resources) and 24 departments. He provides programmatic leadership by serving on the Executive Committee and the Board of Collaborators of the Institute and developing extramural, state and federal funding for the Institute. Ms. Julia Storm serves as the Agromedicine Information Specialist, developing Extension programs in the area of agromedicine. The Pesticide Environmental Trust Fund, administered by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, supports Extension efforts in Agromedicine.

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